Help Find Wile-E's Express

UPDATE (9/6/2012)   Location Map updated! Again!! 

If you live in the Potter NY area where the LDRS Launch was held this past July 2012 and want to
make some cash now is your opportunity.

The Wile-E Express, pictured below, was lost on Saturday, July 14 after a fantastic lift off and flight.
She was part of the Discovery Channel’s Odd-Roc Contest, and I would sure like to get her back. She is covered with decals and was equipped with a 10ft diameter parachute (Lime Green, Bright Yellow and Black).


Likely Landing Zone 9-6-12

I am offering $100 reward for anyone who recovers the rocket. The nose cone was deployed on a separate chute (also lost) but the reward is for the rocket itself. If you find Wile-E and the nose cone with the rocket I’ll reward you with an additional $25. The most likely location is somewhere in the yellow area as shown in the map. This new location is based on new data received (wind direction and speed from the NOAA weather service and some local eye-witness reports).

    Contact me at  443-768-3795 (cell - anytime)
                          410-833-1778  (home - evenings)


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